The Skin Nurse is a leading skin clinic in the heart of Perth, renowned for their approach to total skin transformations.

At the Skin Nurse, we believe you have a right to be the most beautiful & glowing version of yourself. We’ve searched the globe for the premier techniques and procedures to give you  the radiant skin you’ve always dreamed about.

Based in the heart of Perth in a fit-for-purpose space,  Irish born Aisling and her team of qualified professionals provide customised treatments, ingredients & regimes for every client that acts to restore, repair and rejuvenate the skin you’re in.

All treatments in clinic are carried out by Aisling or one of her Registered Cosmetic Nurses or Skin Specialists.



Address: Level 1, 34 King Street Australia

0491 061 399


Q I've never had a skin treatment before, what should I book for?

We recommend all new clients to our clinic book in for a Skin Health Assessment so we can do a full holistic analysis on your skin. Many of our Treatments are corrective in nature and your skin will need to be prepped with active skincare prior to being a suitable candidate for these treatments.

Please bring any skincare with you that you are using (or take pictures). We can then go through a customised homecare plan specific to your needs and prescribe any missing skincare you may require.

Allow 45 minutes for your initial appointment with us so we have time to answer any questions you may have. Your Skin Health Assessment also includes an enzyme activation treatment which does not cause any downtime. We can apply medical makeup after your appointment should you need to go back to work after your appointment.

Q I'm pregnant, can I still have a skin treatment?

Firstly, Congratulations! We treat many clients on their pregnancy journey. There will be some treatments we cannot carry out. However, in most instances we can adapt the treatment for you. Please let your Skin Nurse or Skin Specialist know prior to treatment. Don’t worry this will be kept in strictest of confidence.
Similarly, if you are a current client on a prescribed homecare regimen and find out you are pregnant, please call us so we can guide you through what to use. Most times you can continue to use all the same skincare products but please just check with us.

Q Parking

The closet public parking to the clinic is His Majesty’s CPP, 377 Murray Street, Perth. This car park is a 2 minute walk to the clinic.

Hourly rate – $4.50 (Monday to Friday)

3 Hours FREE Parking on Saturdays.