Le Grá Hand Crafted Home Fragrances


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Hi I’m Alexzandra the creator and founder of Le Grá Hand Crafted Soy Candles.

I grew up in Dublin and chased my dreams to Australia in 2006 after I had completed my degree in pharmaceuticals. I then embarked on a career in medical sales and had the opportunity to travel more of this vast land where I met my now husband.

Whilst on maternity leave when I had my first child I began to think more about my own childhood and key moments that lead me on this path.  The feeling that was apparent throughout my childhood was that I was surrounded with love, Le Grá. One of the sayings my parents repeated over the years was that ‘travel broadens the mind’. As a family we embarked on many journeys of discovery into different countries and cultures that have created memories of scents, flavours, sights and sounds I will treasure forever. For me there is no better feeling than giving a gift to a special someone that has a story and can take you on a journey.

The fragrant aromas of ‘Le Grá’ candles & melts allow me to bring this journey to you. I have released some of my favourite fragrances. These take me back to my travels and allow me to escape into another place even if for a moment.

My mission is to provide the highest quality natural soy candles, melts and diffusers made with love in Brisbane, Australia. With tantalizing scents that will unlock your treasure chest of memories and moments in time. They will fill your home or special occasion with the same warmth for others to loose themselves in.

So join me and enjoy a journey of sensory discovery with love, Le grá.

You can purchase Le Grá soy candles, melts, diffusers, bath salts or gift boxes from www.etsy.com/au/shop/legra2u