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Irish Women Abroad is your go-to for advice, support, connection and inspiration for Irish women living abroad or those returning to Ireland.

Our Founder

Hi, I’m Sarah Whelan.

I’ve recently returned to Ireland after living in Australia for over 18 years. I am a Mentor, Consultant and Founder of Irish Women Abroad.

As someone who has uprooted her life and her family twice – Ireland to Australia, Australia to Ireland and then back once more for good measure – I know intimately the feelings of doubt, anxiety, loss and confusion that come with being pulled in different directions.

Over the last 5 years, I’ve supported dozens of Irish emigrants and expats with relocating and living abroad. 

Everyone has a story to tell that will inspire others, so it’s my mission to create a platform for Irish women to be able to do just that.

I can’t wait to get to know you in our Facebook Community. 

You can find more info about my 1:1 Relocation Consultations for Irish expats and emigrants here. 

Le grá, 

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Sarah Whelan


Irish Women Abroad
Sydney, NSW, Australia
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From Flying with Babies and Toddlers Checklist, Packing Checklist and Returning to Ireland Checklist we have it covered!


Join our growing online village on Facebook and connect with fellow Irish women in all corners of the world experiencing life abroad.


 1:1 Consultations for both hopeful Irish emigrants and former Irish expats seeking clarity on the next step for their life and family.

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Kind words

From Our Community

Irish Women abroad is a great initiative as it is so important for women to feel a sense of community and connectedness especially being so far away from home. Supporting Irish business as well as supporting Irish women in business will help keep the Irish culture and traditions to be passed into future generations.

Shay Stanley

The Irish Butcher

IWA is a fabulous organisation that brings women together to share their ideas, their stories, their experiences, to provide a network of information and exchange of ideas. If you are considering advertising in the Directory, you should go for it. 

Tina King-Garde

It was so great to be featured by Sarah in IWA and share my story with her audience. Sarah has built such a wonderful supportive community and the feedback I got on the feature was fabulous. 

Vanessa Geraghty

Vivacity Marketing

Reading all the different perspectives in the Facebook group helped me figure out my priorities this year and guided me to coming to peace with them and removing at least some of the guilt of choosing not to go home…

Tanya H

Sarah is such a huge support for the Irish community in Australia both as individuals in the Irish Women Abroad groups and for Irish run businesses.
You’re doing incredible work Sarah and this Irish Woman Abroad certainly appreciates it. 

Louise Swanborough

The Irish Women Abroad website has been a lifeline for so many living abroad.

Moira Walsh

Sarah’s work with Irish Women Abroad is the kind of initiative that moves us all forward.

Shannon Rooney

What an amazing platform for us Irish business owners.
So grateful to advertise my business in the Irish Business Directory. 

Samantha Buck

Bucks Books Bookkeeping

 I know that’s not easy but you blaze a trail to spark the conversation and helps others normalise these feelings and thoughts! (that we all have from time to time!) Keep up the great work!

Niamh B